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 B.Ed Admission in India

India is a country of education. In this country the poorest person also dreamed about the education of his children's who is struggling for food whole the day. He knows the education only can eradicate the struggling part. And that is true. Education behind the reason we are able to express our ideas and views about the education system of our country. And that is a fact. Modernization or development starts from our education only. It gives the sources of knowledge and apparently it teaches us the way to talk, the way to behave or the way to work in an organization with a group of people. An illiterate minister can't think about the development of his ruling area or a country. Engineers, doctors, singers, police officers, entrepreneurs or the managers; a good and modern education system is the prime requirement for all. A country only can develop in different of its issues by a good education system including the teachers.

            Yes any education system starts with the teachers. Private or Govt. without a teacher no students can exist anywhere in the world. Here in this article we are telling about the way to make a teacher for the beneficial of this nation or this country. Ancient Indian education system prepares the teachers for their teaching in Gurukuls parallaly with the students; usually they select top ranking students to teach their juniors class wise.

Admission Alerts

  • »  If you have an aggregate of 69% in your M.Ed you can directly apply for Indian Defence Service like Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Army as 1st class officer.

  • »  By the desire of Mr. Narendra Modi all state governments has recently decided to open the common entrance test (CET) for admission in B.Ed program. Maharashtra already decided the cut off marks for the same is 45% and 45, 000 students applied already.

  • »  Sardar Patel University and Osmania University opens B.Ed admissions 2012. The programs offered in Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Physical Science and Biological Science.

  • »  Jodhpur National university announces admission for B.Ed 2012 batch. Last date to Apply is 30/09/2012